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Fun Videos 

Sharing fun videos with kids is more than mere entertainment, it's a doorway to laughter, learning, and connection. These videos ignite their imagination, boost their mood, and foster a sense of joyfulness. Whether it's educational content, funny skits, or heartwarming stories, these videos provide a valuable platform to engage, inspire, and teach important lessons. So share the laughter, spread the smiles, and create lasting memories with the power of fun videos!

Games to Try! 

A fun game to start your child's learning process of counting!

A great way to introduce measurement!

Measuring Game

Adding is exciting in this ten-frame game!


Help your child learn how to count and get prepared for the first grade with this fun counting video from favorite preschool cartoon show Akili and Me and more family favorites! Livestream - Songs For Kids!

A new compilation video, including one of our most recent songs, "The ABC Song"! Try YouTube Kids!

Need to let out some energy? Here's some upbeat instructional dance songs you can move your body to!

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