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At BCA we use the top-rated creative curriculum to teach our students. This goes beyond rote learning and focuses on ideas, creative and active teaching strategies and the passions and needs of each individual student.
Two-year-old Program
Pre-school Program
VPK Program

Being a toddler can oftentimes be complicated. Such big feelings can lead to frustration for our youngest students. Our program is designed to allow our toddlers to learn about and explore their emotions as well as those around them. Language development is also a core focus in this program.

We know that play is the foundation for learning in early childhood education. Our preschoolers (three-year-olds) are encouraged to be curious and adventurous! This program gives each student the opportunity to develop socially, understanding that they are a part of a community and that their actions are impactful.

VPK- Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a state funded program for children who turn four years old by September 1st. Our VPK program is robust and challenges our children. Important skills such as critical thinking and problem solving are encouraged. A high number of our children are either on the cusp of reading or already reading by the time they graduate.

Our Academics

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