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How to Write a Drama Script in Sundanese Language: A Guide for Malin Kundanggolkes Fans

What is Naskah Drama Bahasa Sunda Malin Kundanggolkes?

Naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes is a term that refers to a drama script in Sundanese language based on the legend of Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang is a famous folk tale from West Sumatra, Indonesia, about a rebellious son who disowns his mother and is cursed to become a stone. The word "golkes" is a slang term that means "cool" or "awesome".

naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes

The Legend of Malin Kundang

The legend of Malin Kundang tells the story of a poor boy who lives with his mother, Mande Rubayah, in a village near the Air Manis beach. He dreams of becoming rich and successful, so he decides to sail away with his friend Rasyid on a merchant ship. He promises his mother that he will return with wealth and happiness.

After many years, Malin Kundang becomes a wealthy trader and marries a princess. He travels back to his hometown with his wife and crew, but he does not recognize his mother who waits for him at the beach. He is ashamed of his humble origins and denies that she is his mother. He even insults her and calls her a dirty old woman.

His mother is heartbroken and angry. She prays to God to punish her ungrateful son. Suddenly, a thunderstorm strikes and Malin Kundang's ship is wrecked. Malin Kundang tries to escape, but he turns into a stone along with his ship and crew. His mother regrets her curse and cries for her son, but it is too late.

The Drama Script of Malin Kundang

The drama script of Malin Kundang is a creative adaptation of the legend that uses the Sundanese language and culture. The Sundanese language is spoken by about 40 million people in West Java and Banten provinces of Indonesia. It has a rich literary tradition and various dialects.

The drama script of Malin Kundang can be found online or in books. One example is the script written by Grosir Cellular and uploaded on Scribd. It has five characters: Malin Kundang, Mande Rubayah, Rasyid, Saudagar (merchant), and Putri (princess). It has five scenes: the village, the ship, the foreign land, the beach, and the curse.

The script uses simple dialogues and expressions that reflect the Sundanese culture and humor. It also includes some stage directions and sound effects. The script can be performed by students or amateur actors who want to learn more about the Sundanese language and literature.

The Sundanese Culture and Literature

The Sundanese culture is one of the oldest and most diverse in Indonesia. It reflects the influences of various civilizations, such as Hindu-Buddhist, Islamic, colonial, and modern. The Sundanese people have a strong sense of identity and pride in their heritage, which they express through their arts, customs, and values.

Some of the distinctive features of the Sundanese culture are:

  • The use of angklung, a musical instrument made of bamboo tubes that produce a harmonious sound when shaken.

  • The performance of jaipongan, a lively and sensual dance that combines elements of martial arts, folk dance, and gamelan music.

  • The practice of Sunda Wiwitan, a traditional belief system that worships the supreme god Sang Hyang Kersa and the ancestral spirits.

  • The consumption of lalapan, a dish of raw vegetables and sambal (chili sauce) that accompanies almost every meal.

  • The respect for elders, guests, and nature, as well as the value of harmony, modesty, and mutual cooperation.

The Sundanese literature is also rich and varied, ranging from oral traditions to modern writings. The Sundanese language has a long history of written literature, dating back to the 14th century. It has been written in various scripts, such as Sunda Kuno (Old Sundanese), Pegon (Arabic-based), Latin (Roman), and Carakan (Javanese-based). [3]

Some of the genres and forms of the Sundanese literature are:

  • The pantun Sunda, a form of oral poetry that consists of four-line verses with rhyme and rhythm.

  • The wangsit Siliwangi, a collection of prophecies attributed to King Siliwangi, the legendary ruler of the Sunda Kingdom.

  • The babad Sunda, a chronicle of the history and genealogy of the Sundanese kings and nobles.

  • The carita pantun, a narrative poem that tells stories of romance, adventure, or morality.

  • The wayang golek, a puppet theater that depicts episodes from the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

  • The novel Sunda, a modern form of prose fiction that explores various themes and issues related to the Sundanese society and culture.

Examples of Naskah Drama Bahasa Sunda Malin Kundanggolkes

If you are looking for some examples of naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes, you can find them online or in books. Here are some sources that you can check out:

  • The website has a collection of naskah drama bahasa sunda for various themes and topics, such as school, friendship, family, love, and social issues. You can find an example of naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes for three actors with the title "Ngalongok Babaturan" (Visiting a Friend). It tells the story of Fira, Rara, and Dini, who are classmates and friends. Fira and Rara visit Dini, who is sick at home, and bring her some fruits. They have a friendly conversation and cheer her up.

  • The website has a document titled "Naskah Drama Bahasa Sunda Malin Kundanggolkes". It is a short and simple script of naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes for five actors with the title "Malin Kundang". It follows the original legend of Malin Kundang, who leaves his mother to seek fortune abroad and returns as a rich man. He denies his mother and insults her, and she curses him to become a stone.

  • The website has a card titled "Naskah Drama Bahasa Sunda Malin Kundanggolkes englwens". It is a comment by Angie Morello on a board about naskah drama bahasa sunda. She provides some links to other sources of naskah drama bahasa sunda malin kundanggolkes, such as dongeng malin kundang in English, pidato tentang bahaya narkoba (speech about the dangers of drugs), and teks drama 6 orang bahasa inggris (drama script for six actors in English).



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