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Vampire Die Maskerade Regelwerk Pdf 24

in einer zeit wo es so viele spielregelwerke gibt, ist es schwierig, etwas neues hineinzufünden. daher habe ich daher mich entschieden, ein ausführliches regelwerk mit neuen regeln hinzuzufügen. ich habe inzwischen mehr als 30 bis 40 regeln für vampire: the masquerade in deutschsprachiger sprache erstellt. für diejenigen, die meinen baldigen beitrag überschauen müssen, habe ich dafür auch einen pdf-dokument hinzugefügt, der ausführlich alles darstellt.

vampire die maskerade regelwerk pdf 24

the book also focuses on the materials and equipment of the masquerade, which is a very interesting and welcome addition to the game. the book proposes a list of supernatural effects and provides rules for the players to use them. these can be applied to different situations and the players have the choice to do so. for example, as mentioned before, an elder vampire can enter the blood pool, which is a special kind of self-induced coma, and the player can use its effects to gain an ability to walk in the sunlight, to re-feed on the blood of humans, etc. the book also provides guidelines for applying the effects.

the core book for vampire: the masquerade puts a lot of emphasis on the macabre and the uncanny and this applies both to the monsters in the book and to the setting. for example, there is a chapter explaining the rules for a full moon and its effects, which are described very well. this chapter also provides guidelines for crafting an entire setting with its own kind of chronology. this is great because many vampire: the masquerade fans love to immerse themselves into a setting and this provides rules for a setting that allows them to do so.


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