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Oam 009 Yuu Asakura

yohmei was angry at his failure in the war and summoned the small shikigami once again to take over his body. he had asakura yoh bound with a magical spell to be his attendant. asakura yoh was also forced to submit to a test of strength with hao. during the test, asakura yoh realized that he was strong enough to defeat hao and used the power to drive hao away. he was then told to kill his own father, so he used the powers to forcefully kill him. then he quickly passed through the barrier and went to confront his mother and kill her. asakura yoh was restrained by two of yohmei's shikigami and forced to take the body of his mother.

oam 009 yuu asakura

when he was released, yohmei was challenged to fight asakura yoh again. however, he was again defeated and this time he was made to live as hao. hao then used the power to take over asakura yoh's body and sent him out to fight his brother. however, yohmei was able to hold asakura yoh back with his magical powers and prevent him from attacking his brother.

yohmei then summoned the shikigami again, but this time he used it to create an enormous body made of sand and ash. it was then decided that asakura yoh would fight with him. the pair then used their powers to create a huge castle made of sand and ash. however, it was soon destroyed when asakura yoh managed to use his powers to reverse the process. then yohmei called the spirit of fire to destroy asakura yoh, but he was saved by the spirit of water.

after defeating the spirit of fire, yohmei then had asakura yoh bound with another magical spell. yohmei then had his shikigami take over asakura yoh's body again. the two fought against each other for four days and nights until yohmei was defeated. then asakura yoh sent yohmei's body to hell.


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