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Die Antwoord - $O$ (2010).rar

A rather spectacular lunatic by the name of Eighteen has taken literally hundreds of screens from the prettiest Wii and Gamecube games around and converted them to 3D. His purpose? Puttingthem on a .rar file that you can download, extract the contents of, and stuff your lucky, lucky 3DS SD card to the gills with. The screens are easily viewable with the 3DS camera's photo viewer, and yikes are they a stunning taste of what's to come on Nintendo's sparkly little handheld. Forget the crap launch-window game blues. Myself and Justin have just been looking atthe Super Mario Galaxy screens and gurgling about the potential of the recently announced Super Mario 3DS game.

Die Antwoord - $O$ (2010).rar

Download File:

Performing the UpgradeDownload one of the above files, they range from 150MB to 300MB. After the download has finished, you should have a .rar file (similar to a .zip), this needs to be extracted using one of many free tools available online. My recommendation would be WinRAR on Windows, or Keka on Mac. 350c69d7ab


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