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This was in some ways typical of books centered in small rural southern cities and I mean this in a positive way. The cities are almost central characters in these stories. There are always quirky characters, local festivities and other characters with mysterious edges. This is not to denigrate the book. It was a quick and easy read I loved the Brown family and the beautiful relationship between Bert and Lu. I could also relate to the difficulties of young teens growing up. Though typical in many ways there was enough substance to set this book apart from others

"Your Name," having been on Japanese local cinemas since August, portrays a youthful love that transcends time and faith. Taki, an ordinary Tokyo boy who loves drawing and hanging out with his classmates, wakes up to find his soul in the body of Mitsuha, a girl who lives in a tiny mountainous village called Itomori. Meanwhile, Mitsuha, too, panics as she finds herself transplanted into Taki's body. As time goes by and the two adapt themselves to this dream-like experience that randomly occurs two to three days a week. These unusual yet happy days are disrupted when a comet falls on Itomori and completely reverses time and space.

"I make stories about young people in their teens and twenties because I still have unresolved questions about that time, even now that I'm in my 40s. Why did my feelings go unreached, I still wonder."

"It's not that I believe that all people are good by nature," he said. "But I understand that, to a certain point, animation films are considered a genre for the young audience, and therefore, require what are necessary for the teens' growth." 041b061a72


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