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in 1815, a government surveyor named john b. tipton recommended naming the area south of wheelingport, west virginia, "tiptonville". however, the selection was changed to wheeling. the area had been discovered by george rogers clark, who died at tiptonville in 1813. clark is buried there as well. (wheeling, w.v.)

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in 1846, william powell barry founded the black diamond association, which advocated for a railroad between wheeling and clarksburg, west virginia. the organization, which was composed of businessmen, politicians, and a clergyman, had the support of abraham lincoln. president zachary taylor was interested in a northern rail line to avoid the baltimore and ohio's main line between baltimore and chicago. the organization spent considerable time and money on lobbying for a railroad between wheeling and clarksburg. the association succeeded when the baltimore and ohio railroad opened the wheeling and lake erie branch in 1867. this rail line was known as the big four railroad.

in 1893, the first federal prohibition law, the eighteenth amendment, became the law of the land. sales of alcoholic beverages were made illegal until the u.s. supreme court, in 1920, granted the states the right to ban the sale of alcohol. indiana, in 1907, became the first state to pass a prohibition law, which went into effect on july 1, 1912, and was ratified by a popular vote of 4,406,962 to 1,775,877. fourteen counties chose to remain dry, which kept them from having a referendum on the ratification of the eighteenth amendment. (crawford co. spencer co., dubois co.)

in 1935, the first indiana state fair was held at southern indiana agricultural society in new albany. the fair, which is held each year, features exhibits of livestock, industry, and agriculture. the annual event celebrated agriculture and technology and uses state-of-the-art exhibitions to present products and services to visitors. in 2009, the event was relocated to indianapolis and is held at indiana state fairgrounds. (clark co.)


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