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The Best Songs of Shania Twain: A Review of Her Greatest Hits Full Album Zip

the night is young and theres loads of songs to hear. weve brought you the best of the best of 2019s pop, rock, and country albums. these are the albums youll be listening to on repeat for the rest of the year.

Shania Twain, Greatest Hits full album zip

her bedroom-rock style was endearing, but her lyrics were unadulterated bullshit. i want to be free to feel the way i feel, she sang, the thrill of pure, unapologetic hedonism. she was a perfect strawman, a tacit symbol of the all-powerful, inexorable force of feminine desire. twain herself was never really that compelling. she was the ultimate girl-power figure, telling a young audience that it should break loose and get loud.

weve taken down the 10 best albums of the year. no, we did not even include the super best albums of the year. so be it. we have assembled the best of the best-of-the-best-of-the-best albums of the year. were willing to dig deep into the deepest ocean of the best-of-the-best-of-the-best-of-the-best albums of the year. were willing to go to the depths of darkest abyss of the best-of-the-best-of-the-best-of-the-best-of-the-best albums of the year. were willing to go and find these albums. were willing to find these albums, and bring them back to you. were willing to go and find these albums, and bring them back to you.

flip-flopping between high-stakes grandeur and casual-day-dreaming intimacy, come on over plows through the storytelling blues of loves youse to romantic-but-chilled down at home. its the trickiest track of them all, a knowing waltz of an apology and a promise that a more fun-filled evening is just around the corner. flirting with a lover, cooing about the things they love, twain and her co-writers are the coolest people in the world, and the listener can easily be convinced shes telling the truth. she is the girls best friend, and shes making sure we know it.


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