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Pantone Color Manager Serial Code

One thing was not mentioned that hasn't been my experience (but I know the few thousand color designers out there and mostly they have bigger problems than color choices), and that is that you don't have to have the Pantone Color Manager serial numbers to access the color names and colors. There is a website called that you can use to look up Pantone names of colors. You can search by color name or just enter a Pantone name into the search box. I find it useful to look up colors I want to avoid using when making a proof so I can compare Pantone name vs. CMYK for the matching Pantone color.

Pantone Color Manager Serial Code

I can't speak for their service specifically, but Techsmith Color & profiles have also looked similar and reliable for me. You'll need to download the color book if you're not using the Pantone Color Manager at no charge.

If you bought the swatch book, you've got the serial number. Its 10c to download any color books. You can be sure that whichever color books you download will have the Pantone color names and swatch books you need. The Pantone number is the same from book to book and will match what you see on your Pantone Color Manager.

Now lets talk implementation. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have not yet seen a non-PANTONE program that supports CIELAB conversions. Clearly that can be done. Everybody has implemented the CIELAB definition and its a fairly easy procedure (we covered a few steps of it here ). So I guess, it is the program, not the swatch (or set of swatches) that does the hard work. PANTONE have provided the swatch definitions only for the CMYK mix of those colours. If a program supports the CIE-LUV definition, then those are the swatches provided by PANTONE. If a program is doing a CIELAB conversion of any mix of the five additive primary colours, then PANTONEs swatches are probably wrong. This is a classic color conversation, only now in a smarter way.


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