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What Went Wrong - Blink 182 (Acoustic Version)

The band rescheduled European tour dates in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. "After the attacks the world kind of went into freeze mode and we didn't know whether to carry on with things or not ... so we decided we'd rather everyone was safe and play the shows a little later instead," said Hoppus shortly thereafter.[56] The European dates were canceled a second time after DeLonge suffered a herniated disc in his back.[57] With time off from touring, DeLonge felt an "itch to do something where he didn't feel locked in to what Blink was",[6][58] and channeled his chronic back pain and resulting frustration into Box Car Racer (2002), a post-hardcore disc that further explores his Fugazi and Refused inspiration.[59][60] Refraining from paying for a studio drummer, he invited Barker to record drums on the project, which led Hoppus to feel betrayed.[18] The event caused great division within the trio for some time and an unresolved tension at the forefront of the band's later hiatus.[61]

What went wrong - Blink 182 (Acoustic Version)



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