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Reikan FoCal Pro: The Best Autofocus Calibration Software for Canon and Nikon DSLRs

this release is available to all focal users who were within their included updates period as of 17th august 2020 (the release date of focal 2020 beta 1). this means you can use the software if you purchased focal or an included updates period extension on or after this date.

Reikan FoCal Pro-torrent-fileser

its worth noting that focal pro torrent has been compromised over the last few months and some of the testing has shown that focal pro torrent is not always the best option. focal 2020 is the best option for analysis of the full iso range of most current cameras. please contact reikan for support if you are experiencing issues with your nikon z7.

in focal 2020, you can compare you lens performance with other focal pro users in the world and see a world of difference to what is currently available. you can also compare to the focal dataset of canon and nikon dslrs, canon and nikon mirrorless cameras and other cameras, even sensors and lenses all from the same mobile app.

the default image quality in focal 2020 is in standard quality, the highest quality possible for mobile use. for those looking for the best results, you can switch to the creative quality setting which is the highest quality possible on mobile.

focal 2020 also adds a new crop option which will crop a captured image so that you can get the maximum area out of it to aid your file size. this is a great feature for when you have a smaller space, such as a microsd card.

you can view a list of your focal pro users and compare your results with them to see where you might need to tweak your settings to improve your image quality. you can also set your own individual focal pro settings to compare to the other focal pro users in the world.


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