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LG NeON R is very powerful 60-cell panel module that is equipped with the most advanced energy generation technology. Boasting a sleek, unique back-contact design, LG takes pride in producing aesthetically pleasing, state-of-the-art solar products. Discover the groundbreaking features of the LG NeON R, such as its high power output, high durability, aesthetic roof design and improved temperature coefficient. The newest LG NeON R panel models reach an incredible 360W (20.8% efficiency) and 365W (20.8% efficiency), and is one of the best-looking and space-efficient solar panels in the market. LG's new module, NeON 2, adopts Cello technology. Cello technology replaces three busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability. NeON 2 demonstrates LG's efforts to increase customer's values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced 25-year warranty, durability, performance under real environmental conditions, and a stylish design suitable for roofs. LG NeON 2 has been exceeding the expectation of many as it has been recognized as the best-selling solar module in the market.

HOT Neon Space Best Crack


How much space will there be between you, the microphone, and the walls? A microphone is best set up at a point no further than 40% away from the front wall, half-way between the side walls, and 60% away from the back wall.

Seal cracks in building foundations and around openings for water pipes, vents, and utility cables with metal or concrete. Doors and door screens, pet doors, windows, ventilation screens, and entrances to garages, attics, crawl spaces, and basements should fit tightly. It may be necessary to cover the edges of doors and windows with metal to prevent gnawing. If doors, windows, vents, and screens are damaged beyond repair, replace them immediately. Fit chimneys with a spark arrester to help prevent entry. Self-closing flaps on external clothes dryer vents can prevent rodent entry. However, use caution when screening dryer vents, as a buildup of dryer lint can cause fires. Remember to keep side doors to the garage closed, especially at night when deer mice and other rodents are most active.

This breezy spot with one of our favorite patios is a wine bar, yes, but it's also a hub for some of L.A.'s best food pop-ups, an occasional DJ and event space, and perhaps, above all, a nexus for wine-and-food loving aesthetes from all over the city. Some nights, it's a full-on scene, but the egalitarian ethos and excellent wines keep conversation flowing and vibes generally still quite good. With a rotating menu full of small-producer and organic wines, it's also one of the best ways to taste your way through some of L.A.'s best new culinary concepts. Depending on the night and pop-up, the crowd can get kind of hectic, so plan accordingly (Melody only takes walk-ins).


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