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AT T Subsidizing The IPhone $325

If you're looking for advice, most of the values Samsung's offering today are just okay and nowhere near the outrageously generous numbers it offered earlier this year. Even considering an extra half-year of depreciation, Samsung's not subsidizing things the same way they were before (probably due to declining profits and sales).

AT T Subsidizing the iPhone $325

Fortunate enough to have unlimited data still with AT&T because im grandfathered into it from the iphone 1st gen. So unlimited high speed data from AT&T with cruddy service and call reliability. Good thing apple made txts to other i-devices through internet

Healthcare company Aetna shared today that it is partnering with Apple on a new health and fitness initiative for its employees and customers using the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch starting in 2017. Aetna will be providing its 50,000 employees with Apple Watches at no cost and subsidizing the cost for large employers and individual customers through a new healthy living initiative.


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