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Gay Leather Orgy

Fondue feastsYou dip, she dips, they dip bite-size savories and sweets into BOSKA's cheese and chocolate fondue sets, equally suited for a sophisticated date night at home or as the centerpiece of a '70s-inspired Galentine's party. Better dust off the orgy lamp. $33-44,

gay leather orgy

Pearl found herself swept along by strong arms,on to the dance floor, before she had time to seehis face, and when she did get a real look at him,she wasn't displeased. He was a tall fellow, abouttwenty-five or less, in laced boots, riding pantsand leather sport jacket, and grey slouch hat.

They waited until the girls had disappeared:"Come on, dearie, we might as well go on andcrash it and see what's going on." They went upthe steps and into the lobby, which was ratherbare, with nothing but a few leather chairs, showingconsiderable use, and a desk at the back nearthe stairs.

Historians of sexuality who specialize in twentieth-century North America are unlikely to learn much new in these pages. This is not to say Spring hasn't done his homework. He has read the pertinent historiography and contextualizes Steward's story in ways that confirm other historians' findings about queer life before Stonewall. Sure, there are places in Spring's book where the existing historical literature might have been better incorporated. But this is to miss the point, for the strength of Spring's book is not its historiography but its popularization of that literature in the counterexample it provides to the self-enclosed daisy chain that is so much queer academic work these days. Yes, Spring addresses academic forums, but he's more often found speaking to the Barnes and Noble crowd or to the International Mr. Leather Convention, where bootblacks learn about Steward's own love for leather boots and the sailors, hustlers, and other rough trade who wore them. Indeed, Spring's hour-long illustrated lecture is reminiscent of the slideshows pioneered by early gay and lesbian historians as a tool to communicate with and root their research in the communities they documented. We can agree that Secret Historian's impressive public profile owes something to the publicity machine of a major trade publisher. Nonetheless, Secret Historian has likely exposed more nonacademic readers to queer research and writing than all of the books in Duke's now-defunct [End Page 549] Series Q combined. Put another way, the book speaks to the long-standing divide between queer knowledge production and queer publics, and Spring may be pointing a way forward by reminding us of a more community-focused historical practice.

: Man about town scurrying into every bar, restaurant, nook and cranny looking for all the details to post the events you want to see. Drop me a line if you want your GLBT themed event, meeting, social, gathering, play party, circle jerk, listed online or even if you are one short for your orgy. I always aim to please.....unless its your eye...ouch!!! 041b061a72


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