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August Rush Movie [PATCHED] Download Torrent

The app is primarily aimed at music users, with a torrent search, downloading, and legal alternatives that it offers. One of the really good things about this application is that it can download any type of content, but it caters specifically to the music crowd. The good thing is that it looks easy to use, even for novices.

August Rush Movie Download Torrent


Torrent, being a popular torrent-based client, is getting over 10 million downloads. It has a pretty clean and simple interface, as well as the ability to set preferences and connect to various trackers. It has options for downloading legal content, too. You can also make use of popular content hosts, including RapidGator, MegaUpload, and the aforementioned torrent applications. Another downside is that it isnt the best for device storage, meaning its best to use torrents sparingly.

Im pretty satisfied with this torrent application. Its functional, has a clean interface, and has lots of plugins for the various media types, as well as the ability to have an offline mode. However, its still a matter of preference. It is however worth noting that theres also a payment option on this application. Personally, I find it much easier and quicker to use Megaupload for uploading, and RapidGator for downloading.

Owned by Newzbin, this application does pretty much everything else you can think of, and it has been getting a lot of attention for what its gaining, an IOS application, within the market. Its got a nice interface, a fairly well-organized feature list, and a ton of extensions. You can even torrent the content.


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