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Accessing your check my file logon could not be simpler. By visiting their site you can sign up or login if you have an existing account using the links at the top of their web page. To first sign up you will be required to input your card details for a monthly subscription, that at the time of writing is 14.99 however, this can be cancelled at any time and you even have a 30 day fee free period. The other information you will require is relatively basic, such as your name and address, email address and for you to choose your password. Once set up you can simply log in with your email address and password chosen at the time of registering, together with your date of birth.

Remember, on your first time of applying will give you a 30 day free trial and during this time you are able to access your credit file and score. We do also recommend you read their terms and conditions so you are fully aware of the cancellation terms.

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