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Innocent Witches 0.5.1B Game Walkthrough Download For PC Android

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Innocent Witches 0.5.1B Game Walkthrough Download for PC Android

Download File:

Btw anyone that can't figure stuff out you can either use the discord like sad crab says or just good innocent witches walkthrough and it's pretty much the first link, tells you everything you need.

For a story driven, adult game, this is definitely an interesting game. I played up until Chapter 4 and was pretty intrigued by the story but... I didn't download this game for the story. I downloaded it expecting a chance to seduce and turn all of the school into my witch harem. In my opinion, the greatest flaw of this game is mainly how much time you have to invest to get such a small taste of the witches. I understand the game is in development and I look forward to seeing just how far they will go with the lewdness in future updates but as it stands, I put over 4 hours of puzzle solving and exploring into an adult game and only managed to get off 2 wanks. One to (an admittedly sexy) old lady and the other to a photo you get from playing the story. Now, it's not that I wasn't enjoying the exploration and puzzle solving but rather that I expected more lewd rewards for all my hard work. The art is beautiful, the girls are beautiful, and the effort put into the story and characters is great. However, when you lead off with "Good time of the day to all those who keep a stash of tissues next to them!" it kinda gives the impression that there's gonna be more tissues in use than there actually were. Maybe in the future let us bang some non-student witches in the town or something fairly early into the game to at least get that out of our system before advancing the plot. Still, as I said, I look forward to seeing where the game goes but for now, I'm gonna need something else to wank to. 350c69d7ab


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