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Shaun Murphy - Old Love !FREE!

During the episode, Shaun goes on an eventful first date with Carly Lever which includes him catching a bottle of wine that he accidentally sent flying into the air, making a bad joke that causes Carly to chuckle and hitting a very understanding woman with a door while trying to be chivalrous. At the end of the night, Carly tells Shaun that she had a good time and pecks him on the lips goodnight. Shaun becomes convinced the date was a disaster and tells the story to his confused friends over the course of the episode. Shaun eventually explains that he was overwhelmed by the unpredictability of it all and thus didn't have a good time and isn't sure if Carly did either. Claire later tells Shaun that every date is a disaster and every relationship is out of control, but if you stick with it, you'll end up with someone who will help you when you need to be helped, love you when you don't feel lovable and be with you no matter what. Despite seeing two couples who share such a relationship despite the trials they are facing, Shaun is left with uncertainty about whether or not his relationship is worth pursuing. Shaun later watches Carly in the pathology lab from a distance before leaving without saying a word to her. A saddened Carly notices Shaun's departure which Shaun misses as he turns his back before she notices him.

Shaun Murphy - Old Love

At the same time, Shaun continues to struggle with his relationship with Carly to the point that he doesn't even complain when Lea blasts her music too loud. Lea, Glassman and Debbie Wexler all try to give Shaun advice with Debbie telling Glassman to push Shaun on the matter and not to coddle him leading Glassman to explain to Shaun his own love for Debbie and what makes it worth it to Glassman. While visiting the pathology lab, Shaun admits to Carly he had a horrible time and hated the date, causing Carly to visit him at home to talk. Going on a walk with Shaun, Carly explains that she understands him so well because her little sister is autistic as well and she has her own questions about their relationship, but she wants to spend time with him so they can figure it out together. Shaun ultimately runs off in the middle of the conversation after coming up with the solution to his case, but is intrigued by Claire's claim that the walk was a second more relaxed date. After his shift, Shaun visits Carly in the pathology lab and they sit down together with a bag of chips with Shaun having been inspired by Claire's description of a more relaxed informal date she enjoys.

Following his night spent with Lea, Shaun is left struggling with his feelings for Carly and Lea, causing him to avoid Carly, hurting her in the process and then even more when Shaun reveals the truth about his night spent sleeping with Lea when he couldn't do that after weeks of practicing with Carly and tells her that with Carly he feels he needs to impress her but he doesn't feel that way with Lea. Shaun begins seeking the advice of his friends with Morgan advising Shaun against leaving Carly for Lea, calling Lea a flake. In particular, Shaun asks for advice from Andrews about love because Andrews has been in a long and happy relationship while Glassman got divorced once. Andrews advice to Shaun proves helpful as he tries to figure out his feelings, but he later suffers an emotional breakdown in Glassman's office out of fear that everyone will get sick of him and ultimately leave. Getting emotional himself, Glassman interrupts Shaun and assures him that he will get through it and is an extraordinary doctor who Glassman could not be more proud of. Glassman reassures Shaun that he could never get sick of him, causing Shaun to calm down and pull Glassman into a hug that he only ends when Shaun realizes that he's going to be late for surgery.

After getting off work, Shaun finds Carly waiting for him. Carly reminds Shaun of their first meeting when he threatened to throw a rock through the pathology lab window to get her to help him immediately and admits that she thought it was cute how much he cared and then she realized Shaun might be the most genuine person she has ever known when they started working together in pathology. Despite being hurt by the truth, Carly appreciates it because Shaun's honesty is what she likes about him and doesn't want to lose him. Worried that she could get hurt in the same way again, Carly asks Shaun to move out of his and Lea's apartment as she doesn't know how their relationship will work otherwise and states that he can take time to think it over and knows it could be too much to ask. As Carly goes to leave, Shaun takes her hand for the first time and agrees, stating that he loves Carly and the two embrace.

In "Hurt," after an earthquake, Shaun desperately tries to reach Lea without success, eventually finding a trapped woman named Vera who was also left heartbroken by a relationship. Unknown to Shaun, Lea was rescued already and overhears Shaun on the radio talking with Vera about his love for her. An aftershock causes a nearby pipe to burst, leaving Shaun and Vera in danger of drowning.

As Lea fears for the worst, word comes that someone else has been found. Lea rushes inside to find that Shaun succeeded in saving Vera through an amputation and both are lifted out of the basement by the firefighters. In the aftermath, Lea kisses Shaun, having realized just much she loves him after almost losing Shaun. As Vera didn't die, Shaun doesn't have to break his promise by not moving on from Lea and Lea tells him that Shaun makes her more before they start kissing again.

In the aftermath, Shaun tells Lea about seeing Steve and that he is trying to take his brother's advice and accept that Steve's death wasn't his fault. Shaun admits that it's been a hard night, but he never would've been able to save Lim without Lea's support. As much as Shaun had loved Lea before, he loves her even more now and is happy that Lea is his wife. Shaun becomes excited as he now truly feels married for the first time. However, when Shaun, Andrews and Glassman check on a recovering Lim, they discover that her injuries have left Lim paralyzed from the waist down.

In "A Big Sign," Shaun, Asher and Danny treat Julianne, a famous marriage counselor with a brain tumor. At the same time, Shaun struggles with his differences of opinion about household habits with Lea, especially after Julianne tells him that he's in the "wet cement year" of marriage when such habits become permanent for the rest of the relationship. After Julianne crashes on the table, she believes that she has a near-death experience while Shaun believes it to only be a symptom of a second, hidden tumor that can't be detected on imaging. Danny eventually convinces Julianne to undergo surgery for the second tumor, but Julianne dies on the table after giving Shaun some final advice. An autopsy confirms Shaun's diagnosis of a second tumor which would've killed Julianne within just a few months time. Shaun ends up taking Julianne's advice, using a sign to express his love for Lea, although he has to turn his back rather than wash her perform chores in a way that he doesn't like, something that Lea tells Shaun is fine.

Another problem Shaun often has is with romantic relationships. After meeting Lea Dilallo, Shaun is immediately attracted to her, but his lack of knowledge in romantic matters leads to confusion, particularly after he asks Claire for advice on flirting. Lea kissing Shaun before leaving for Hershey leaves him deeply hurt to the point that he's rude and mean to Lea when she returns, expecting to find a supportive friend as Shaun wants to avoid getting hurt again. After their relationship resumes platonically, Shaun has trouble adjusting to Lea having a boyfriend and shows signs of possibly being in love with her. Shaun appears to have possibly moved on from Lea or is at least trying to as he decided to ask Carly Lever out instead, getting coaching from Claire on how to do so. Though Shaun was awkward in asking, Carly understood what he was trying to ask and accepted, leaving Shaun so excited that he forgot to leave the chocolates and flowers he bought for Carly. Shaun's first date with Carly proves to be awkward and eventful, but it leaves Shaun overwhelmed and unhappy because of all the unpredictability he experienced. As a result, Shaun is left unsure if it is worth pursuing a romantic relationship is worth it even after seeing two couples who experienced issues and came out well. Despite this, Shaun has genuine feelings for Carly as shown when she asked him to speak with her instead of ignoring Carly if he had feelings for her at all. Carly is shown to understand Shaun on a level that most people don't due to having an autistic sister and as such, isn't immediately put off by Shaun's blunt and potentially hurtful answers that are given in the moment. As a result, after talking about their doubts and getting advice from multiple people, Shaun chose to continue his relationship with Carly by seeking out a more relaxed informal date that wouldn't be so overwhelming to him and had been described by Claire as something she greatly enjoyed when Claire was using her own dating experiences as an example. Subsequently, the two continue with more informal dates, but Shaun struggles with the effects of his touch aversion upon their intimacy.

After spending the night sleeping comfortably with Lea and having a brief meltdown over the potential of being alone, Shaun appears to lose some of his aversion to touch. When Glassman comforts him, Shaun initiates a hug that he only breaks because he has to go into surgery and is late. During the subsequent surgery, when the patient grabs his hand hard due to the immense pain she is in, Shaun does not stop her and instead tells the other doctors to allow it as it distracts the patient but to hurry though he is clearly uncomfortable, though this is likely at least in part due to how hard the patient was gripping his hand. Just before admitting his love for Carly, Shaun takes and holds her hand for a brief time despite his previous aversion to holding hands with Carly at all. He is later shown taking her hand again rather than the crossing wrists compromise he had had to use previously. He has also completely lost his aversion to physical intimacy with Carly with their first attempt at sex ending due to Carly's hesitations rather than Shaun's. 041b061a72


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