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"The Office" China(2010) UPD

This episode received positive reviews. Phoebe Reilly of Vulture wrote highly of the episode and called it "the best of the season so far."[18] James Poniewoznik of Time compared the episode and the season at large to the later work of The Beatles; he noted that, "after becoming known for a string of ambitious" entries, they both "decide[d] to take a step backward stylistically".[19] For this reason, he enjoyed "China", and opined that "The China plot, which thankfully focused less on Michael's craziness than his (and his coworkers') relationship with Oscar, demonstrated how well-drawn the show has been even when it comes to its more peripheral characters."[19] He also said the episode was "vintage Office."[19]

"The Office" China(2010)

The Chinese government's treatmentof illicit drug users, including those who are HIV positive, violates China'sobligations under international human rights law. Under the InternationalCovenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), China is obliged torespect the right of everyone to "the enjoyment of the highest attainablestandard of physical and mental health." With respect to the right tohealth of persons in custody, international standards provide that prisoners (andother detainees, such as drug users confined for treatment) are entitled to astandard of health care equivalent to that available in the general community,without discrimination based on their legal status. 041b061a72


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