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Now, since wikipedia is a multilingual, multinational project with everybody having their own opinion on what is offensive and what should be shown inline in articles people tend to disagree a lot, this problem can only get bigger as more nations with more diverse rules about censorship of the various material start contributing more, for example someone from a middle eastern country might think the bikini article is highly offensive while someone from spain might not, leading to a potentially very nasty edit war between these two nationalities.

I think we should keep it simple as possible so long as possible. We cannot compare beheading for wartime propaganda, rapeing picture and children in pornographic context with picture over male and females genitalium. Wikipedia can't be a site where material of the former sexual violence and coercion are distributed, since it will become unlawful. The pictures of Nick Berg is not unique, but note that those are not GFDL and we haven't got permission from Mundat al-Aseras to use them.

Perhaps we shall ask ourself when doubt occure in those educational cases, if "someone gets sexual excited from the pictures" instead of "do think we shall have this image"? If people get sexual excited I can't see it as sexual education. Just my cents... :-)

Only problematic pictures are listed in a category, after people discussed over it and collectively decided to put it in a "rated" category. We may decide, that a picture should be put in a category only if there is for exemple, 80% agreement to put it there.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first non-native Americans to see tobacco when he came to America in 1492. At first, Columbus threw the tobacco overboard, not knowing what to do with the nasty looking, nasty smelling plant, but after a while he and his crew finally found out how to use it, and it took off.

The argument got very nasty, and I felt betrayed by my friends and very ganged up on. I told them I was moving out (I ripped up the lease before the landlord picked it up) because I was not going to be paying their bills for them.

Dear Upset: Exchanging angry and hurtful messages and texts is not the mature way to handle something that really should have involved a conversation and negotiation. Tearing up this lease meant that you effectively put the entire group out on the street, scrambling for housing. 041b061a72


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