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Robert Jordan Wheel Of Time Series Epub Format

What is DRM?Simply put, DRM ("Digital Rights Management") is technology which limits the places you can view your eBooks. It was originally designed to ensure that a buyer could not share their purchase with other people. EBooks were generally limited to being viewed only on the device they were purchased on. For example, if you bought an eBook on your Kindle, then it could only be read on Kindle devices registered in your name. Today, with our DRM-free eBooks, you can freely enjoy your purchased books on any device, regardless of what kind it is.Why is DRM-free important?There are two major reasons DRM-free ebooks are important:First, for business reasons: Maintaining DRM on products is difficult and very expensive for eBook sellers. Normally, only large corporations are capable of event attempting it. By removing all DRM from their books, the publisher allows smaller organizations to sell their product without the need of maintaining all that copyright protection. By purchasing an eBook from this website, you are supporting a small business and helping to ensure the eBook market remains competitive and fair for all sellers.The other reason DRM-free books are important is because it gives you, the buyer, full and complete ownership of the ebook file. You can read it on any device or PC that you like. You can use it on unlimited devices. You can rest easy knowing that the files purchased on this website will always be usable by you, regardless of what happens to your eBook reader or the company that produces it. Why can't I checkout when I have eBooks in my cart?At this time, Dragonmount is only able to sell eBooks to visitors who have a billing address in the United States. We love our international customers, and it is our strong desire to be able to offer eBooks to you. But due to both technical and legal limitations, we can only sell them in the US. We are actively working to change this in the near future. Please check back to our store every now and then to see if we've made progress.Please Note: Not all of our eBook titles fall under this restriction. All of our independent titles, as well as some of Brandon Sanderson's independently produced titles such as Legion, are available worldwide. To purchase these items, add them to your cart, but make sure there are no Tor titles in your cart. What devices do you support?Any eBooks purchased on this website will be compatible with any reader which supports the standard epub and mobi file formats. This includes, but is not limited to:

robert jordan wheel of time series epub format



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