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DAZ Studio Pro - Win64: How to Create Stunning 3D Art and Animation with Genesis and NVIDIA® Iray®

To target 64-bit code for Win64, Visual Studio provides a native compiler and linker that runs on the host operating system. On Windows, the native 64-bit compiler and linker can compile native applications for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux systems as well as Windows

DAZ Studio Pro - Win64


If you have a non-Intel CPU, you can't use the Intel 64-bit x64-hosted toolset. You can use the 32-bit toolset instead. To support Intel 64, the Win64 Intel compiler currently supports the target architecture. If you are building code for the Mac OS, you do not need to use the Intel compiler.

DAZ Studio's powerful workflow includes a suite of tools that allow you to sculpt, paint, morph, pose, animate, texture and output your characters and scenes. You can also share your 3D creations online or burn it to DVD using tools that let you modify the structure and composition of your scenes in real-time.

DAZ Studio is compiled with x64 Visual Studio 2017 and Windows 10 1803. You can follow the installation instructions in the Release Notes or in the nRF Studio Page for more information.

DAZ Studio features an intuitive and powerful artist interface to create a wide range of high-quality content, including model scenes, animations, and 3D props. For more information about Daz Studio, please refer to the Documentation Center.

DAZ Studio is a powerful 3D content creation tool from Alias. It features a powerful, intuitive and feature-rich toolset, to produce 3D content that is intuitive and realistic, as well as powerful with advanced toolsets to deliver your own creativity.


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